The Big Draw in De Baarsjes 2018

The Big Draw in De Baarsjes 2018

It’s the fourth year that this festival takes place, this time during a whole weekend and inside the beautifully renovated MidWest, on Saturday November 17th and Sunday November 18th, from 11:00 until 18:00. The theme is ‘A Local Portrait Gallery’ (with a nod to The National Portrait Gallery in London). It is going to be a weekend with various workshops for local residents and visitors of the Baarsjes of all ages. In addition, artists from (around) the neighborhood draw portraits of visitors. All portraits are immediately exhibited on location. Admission and participation are free! Each artist will be drawing portraits for two hours, I feel honored and happy to be one of the artists, and looking forward to be making portraits of people from the neighborhood.

Maartje Jaquet is a visual artist. She works in various media (video, collage, photography, texts). She usually makes her drawings of people with her black pen, directly on paper, after that often using water colors. Her main subject is: People of Amsterdam. On the street, in public space. With a minimum of lines and colors she shows the emotion of a person, the atmosphere at that time and in that place. She shows the humanity of every individual. No matter how we look, what we believe in, how old we are, who we fall in love with: we are all human beings. No more and no less.

Maartje has worked as an Artist in Residence for a few times: once in Morocco (Green Olive Arts, Tétouan, 2016) and twice in Amsterdam (CBK Zuidoost’s Bijlmair and De KunstKamer in Nieuw West, both in 2017).
She makes drawings for two magazines: Argus and Z! (the Amsterdam Magazine for the Homeless).

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