Three Summer Exhibitions

Three Summer Exhibitions
I have been invited to participate in three summer exhibitions, each with a different theme: The Bijlmer / Amsterdam Zuidoost (Southeast) (CBK Zuidoost, Amsterdam), Art and Society (Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam), and Summer (Kunstlokaal No 8, Jubbega, Friesland).
The selected works were made during my artist residency at CBK Zuidoost (2017). Technique: pencil and watercolor on paper. Same theme, same technique, same place, same time. An ode to women in Amsterdam Zuidoost.

Woman with shopping cart

Salon Royaal, CBK Zuidoost
Anton de Komplein 102
1102 DR Amsterdam
July 4th – August 17th

On the market

Art ‘n Society, Arti et Amicitiae

Rokin 112 Amsterdam
July 15th – September 3rd

Woman in turquoise coat

ZOMER, Kunstlokaal No8

Schoterlandseweg 55
8411 XX Jubbega
July 27th – August 11th


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