Dots d’ombre

Poëziecentrum Nederland is building a collection of Dutch poetry about this time in which we are dealing with the pandemic Covid -19, in collaboration with the Province of Gelderland and ‘Dichter des Vaderlands’ Tsead Bruinja. My poem dots d’ombre, inspired by Marian Bijlenga’s art has been added to this collection. As I don’t trust Google Translate, for those who have difficulty with the Dutch language, I translated the poem into English (below). Enjoy and stay well.

Dots d’ombre

We are singing
We’re making a circle

From afar we are dots
Connected through thread

And then

Earth is
A light in the dark
Far away

Many lights
In the galaxy
Dancing in circles

Hold on to each other
You shadowy dots

– Maartje Jaquet


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