I can’t tell if he is charmed by it, but … our cat Bob will be part of the Amsterdam City Cat Art Route, and of the exhibition KATTENSTAD (Cat City) organized by WG KUNST.

After a period of forced silence, the doors of WG Kunst will carefully reopen at the end of May, with the art project KATTENSTAD. KATTENSTAD is a collaboration between visual artists / curators Femke van Heerikhuizen, Wasco and WG Kunst. Together THEY organize an art project for the neighborhood, linked to an exhibition in WG Kunst. Although the Corona virus has by no means disappeared, they want to show art and continue to inspire with art within the possibilities.
Residents of Amsterdam are challenged to make their own cat (drawing, painting, cutting, crafting, anything is allowed) and putting it at home in front of the window, hanging on the balcony or otherwise visible from the street to see. Together these cats form an art route through the city, with WG Kunst as the central point.
In WG Kunst there will be an exhibition, a with a maximum of 6 visitors at the same time in the exhibition space. The artists Femke van Heerikhuizen, Wasco, René Windig and Luitzen Zandbergen show cats in the form of (wall) paintings, drawings and spatial objects. The exhibition serves as a framework and inspiration for the neighborhood / city project. The works of the local residents are projected in the hall and will also be published on the WG Kunst website. The artists supervise small-scale workshops ‘Making Cats’ (maximum 6 people). KATTENSTAD lasts until July 5, 2020 and may be extended.


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