A Doodle A Day – Laundry

A Doodle A Day was a recent online project by members of ARTI. All Arti members were invited to share sketches, notes, telephone drawings, poetic raids or snapshots taken from April 7 until July 5 2010 The images will be processed in an animation bij Eva Gongrijp, which will soon be launched when ARTI is officialy open for the public again.
I participated with photos and drawings.
This photo is featured on ARTI’s website and on its Instagram page.

Den Ilp 2020

The laundry is drying on the lawn.
Who has memories of this?
Or maybe still uses this way of drying laundry in the sun?
In Egmond aan Zee, where I was born, many people (women) did this when I was little.
They would bring their sheets to a field along a street in the sand dunes called ‘De Bleek’ (Bleek = bleach). This street name still exists.
When I was in Chaouen (Morocco), I have seen women hanging their clothes and sheets at the wash house to dry in trees and on bushes after having washed them inside the wash house along the water

Chaouen 2017

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