Snacks in the City

Next week my drawing series for Argus magazine, of places in Amsterdam where you can go for a snack, will be finished with ‘Eetsalon Van Dobben’. The series had been interrupted because all bars and restaurants were closed due to COVID- 19 safety regulations. During that time, i.e. more than three months, I worked on a series of drawings about that.
All of the below places have been open again for a while now: Fong Food (Shopperhal), King Gözleme (Albert Cuypmarkt), Dim Sum Thing (De Hallen), FEBO (Leidsestraat), Simon en Evert Vishuisje (Prinsengracht), Tho Vietnamese Street Food (Ten Katemarkt) and Eetsalon Van Dobben (Korte Reguliersdwarsstraat).

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