From the start of the lockdown (mid-March) until the time rules were becoming less strict (about the end of June), I made a series of eight drawings for the magazine Argus, under the title ‘At Distance’. This series is now part of the digital collection CORONA IN DE STAD of the Amsterdam Museum.

Drawings in Times of Corona.

On March 8th, I became very ill. The first people in the Netherlands had just been infected, that is to say in the Southern provinces, but to be sure I went to the doctor. The GP practice was not really equipped for that yet, but I was allowed in through a door that was normally not in use, the boxes were still stacked there. The doctor did not know what to do with the situation, she apologized several times for the fact that she was wearing a mouth cap.
The test results were called to me on Friday, March 13th. I was infected with the coronavirus, one of the first people in the city of Amsterdam. Despite my illness, I made drawings of the situation in the city, the first one of the neighbors across the street who were enjoying the sun in their windows.
By now one cannot imagine that a few months ago my doctor was embarrassed for wearing a mask, people wear them everywhere, on the street, jogging in the park and on public transport. In all kinds of colors and designs.

Four months later, the corona measures are still there, but life is getting back to normal. And that is why I think it is time move on to a different set of drawings. The series “Drawings in times of corona” is finished,

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