Home is where the ART is

CBK Zuidoost now has a beautifully designed art lease in H/ART – Home is where the ART is , a freshly opened pop-up gallery, in the plinth of the new OURDOMAIN Residents building, just around the corner of Holendrecht subway stop. The first hundred residents of this new building are offered a free one year art lease, in order to make them feel at home in the neighborhood and get to know some of the local artists.
One of those new residents, Jonne Paes, a fourth-year student of Business Administration MER at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, sent me a photo. He had selected a work of mine and had then decided to lease another one, because he liked the way they were exhibited in the gallery.

I really like them, especially because together. Did you make them with that idea? I also love the way you drew the body posture / movements and facial expressions. Every time you look at it, you can think of a new story behind the drawings. ~ Jonne Paes

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