Lebensfreude – SOLD

The main piece of my collage series Lebensfreude has found a home, on a house boat in the Amsterdam IJ. As one can imagine, she is very happy to be surrounded by water that leads to the sea.

About Lebensfreude
“To me this is about how it is to be a woman, about sensuality, about to give life, to come from a mother who herself came from hers etc. It’s about where we came from, all creatures came from te sea. Some of these first animals can still be found there.”

This collage series consists of scissor cut images from old German magazines about FKK (‘Freikörperkultur’), combined with images from books about ‘lower life forms’.
The texts in the collages add value to the works. In this series the collages have been ‘cut and scanned’ (not pasted), because I wanted to experiment with using both sides of the images / pages, thus leaving space for coincidents. Lebensfreude has been on show at Arti Salon 2018 and at Atelier Open Papier, at the Bonte Zwaan, Amsterdam (2019).

Lebensfreude, 70x100cm C-print, mounted on dibond.

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