De stad is de kunst

Today I went to pick up the first stack of books: De stad is de kunst *) – with poems by Ronald M. Offerman (2016) written to photos by me (2010 – 2013), and with a foreword written by Saskia Hoogendoorn (Tijdmakers).
When I parked my bike at the printing house, it suddenly started to rain and … a rainbow appeared. Ha – I thought – Ron is watching. **)

Then I cycled across the city to the other side of town. To come and bring the first copies to Ron’s wife Mieke Bolte, his son Thomas and the other family members. Mieke and I talked about Ron, and yes, there it was again, that rainbow. Ron wanted to tell us it was allright, that’s how we thought it felt.
If you would like to order a copy of this little gem, 54 pages full color, A6 format, it costs € 12.50 excluding shipping. Send me an e-mail through

*) The city is the art.
**) Ronald M. Offerman (Ron) died in may this year of complications due to COVID-19


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