10x10artist: Photography

Yesterday I went for an evening walk (just before curfew) in the surroundings of my studio in Den Ilp, a village that is situated about 15 km North of Amsterdam. The moon was shining so bright it gave shadows to the trees and gave light to these two beautiful swans, sleeping in a pond. I took a picture for my ‘Vierkant Dagboek’ (Den Ilp Square Diary) and decided it would be perfect for printing and selling / exhibiting through 10x10artist.com. I expanded this idea and added nine more of my favorite photos, all shot very recently, of the same collection.
So, as of today, for starters, besides my drawings and paintings, one can also order a special selection of the most beautiful photos from my ‘Den Ilp Square Diary’, printed as 10x10cm sized C-prints, mounted on 10mm black MDF and equipped with a hanging system, through 10x10artist.

Swan Lake

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