MUSEO – the webshop of Art Gallery Kunstlokaal No8 – is officially open. Work by all participating artists is already on display and for sale. Multiples, series and editions. Take a look here, and if you are curious to see my work, here. The webshop has been beautifully designed, made with care and attention. Thank you and congratulations to the owners, Birgit Speulman and Marcel Prins, good luck to you and to all participating artists. ❤

Some examples of my art, for sale at MUSEO.

Maartje Jaquet about drawing

“Wherever I am, I love to draw. People, animals. But people are my main subject these days. With a minimum of lines, colors, catching the emotion, moment, situation, atmosphere. Humanity. Because I believe that, no matter what, we are one people. Autonomous work, editorial work for magazines, work made as an Artist in Residence as well as portraits of people / animals on commission. Line drawings, pen on paper, as simple and direct as they are or further elaborated with water colors.”

These drawings were originally made for Argus and the Amsterdam Street Paper. Now the original drawings are offered exclusively on Museo.

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