Saskia Hoogendoorn (Studio Tijdmakers) and I were guests at the weekly talk show LATE NIGHT BY JENNIFER to talk about our book Iepenstad (Elm city), published in celebration of the 10th edition of the Amsterdam Springsnow Festival, with my photos and poems by Ronald M Offerman, to whom the book has been dedicated as he, sadly, died of Covid-19 one year ago. He would have been so proud!

We talked about the beauty of the elm, the scent, the perfume Eau d’Amsterdam, about ten years of Springsnow in Amsterdam and all the exhibitions and events of those years and last but not least about the book Iepenstad that we Ronald M Offerman, with my photos and his poems. At the end of the program I read some poems from the book, with the accompanying pictures on screen, ending with a oneminute video (featured in the book with screenshots).

In only two weeks the book has its second edition and is for sale in over many bookstores all over the city of Amsterdam. Check for all sales addresses. It is also possible to order it through e-mail:

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