Zomersalon Royaal

On Thursday, July 1, CBK Zuidoost will open the its new Summer Salon exhibition. It’s the first physical opening since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and runs until August 21, 2021
More than 50 participants are taking part in this edition, led by co-curator Janne Igbuwe. The theme is Space and all participants have given it their own interpretation, in all visual disciplines and techniques.

My contribuition is this pen and watercolor portrait of Hillary, part of my project ‘Keti Koti – Ala Sma Tori’. See my new facebook page or check out the hashtags #ketikotiproject #alasmatori on Instagram.

Walk-in: 4:30 PM
Opening: 5 – 6:30 pm
Max. invitees: 30 people
With bar in the garden
Sign up: info@cbkzuidoost.nl stating Opening ZomerSalon Royaal 2021M

On display until August 21, 2021

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