Keti Koti pop-up wall – extended until July 27th!

Because of Keti Koti, I was invited to install a pop up solo corner in CBK Zuidoost, with these nine first portraits of my series in the making, plus three portraits of drafts in pen. It was meant to stay for one day but it has been extended for almost four weeks. Each portrait is 29,7×42 cm in size, and it’s always nicer to see art work for real.
At the same time you can enjoy the group exhibition Zomersalon Royaal in which there’s another Keti Koti Portrait of mine on view, and which lasts until August 21. See my previous post.


  1. Wat heb je de sfeer goed neergezet met deze portretten. Complimenten. Groeten uit Spaans Baskenland Tanja

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad


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