Museo Offline – Summer Exhibition

You are cordially invited to the opening of MUSEO OFFLINE, this summer’s exhibition at gallery Kunstlokaal №8, on Sunday, July 18th at 15:00. The opening takes place in the garden, so signing up is not necessary. The exhibition inside has room for eight people at the same time, and thanks to one-way traffic, people can tour as often as they like. The exhibition runs until August 15th 2021, from Wednesday through Sunday from 13:00 – 17:00. Contact information and route

My art on the flyer: Agnes Kinky Bijoux

Milly Betten • Els Binnendijk • Maartje Blans • Maarten Brinkman • Ilse Brul • Marian Bijlenga • Leo Cahn • Hein van Delft • Esther van Dijk • Hans Emmelkamp • Gerlinde Habekotté • Ilona Hakvoort • Sigrid Hamelink • Tanja Isbarn • Maartje Jaquet • Sytske de Jong • Wianda Keizer • Monique Kwist • Giel Louws • Carrie Meijer • Simon Oud • Pim Piët • Flos Pol • Tineke Porck • Anne Rose Regenboog • Miranda Rikken • Vivian Rozenbeek • Willem Speekenbrink • Marjolein Spitteler • Eddy Stikkelorum • Wilma Vissers • Kees van de Wal • Gjalt Walstra • Peter van der Weele

My art on Museo

All artists and their art on Museo

a webshop full of special works of art

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