‘Fashion’ at citizenM Paris Champs-Élysées

citizenM has selected five videos from the One Minutes Collection *), to be screened in the elevators of their new hotel citizenM Paris Champs-Élysées for a period of three years as of August 1st when the hotel will be open.

Fleur Boonman, Model, 2004, Netherlands
Maartje Jaquet, Fashion, 2013, Netherlands
Donna Verheijden, Gold is Gold, 2013, Netherlands
Thierry Mandon, Tableau Vivant, 2007, France
Joris Nouwens, La belle histoire, 1998, Netherlands

Fashion, Amsterdam 2013

I shot this video in 2013, in my hometown, Amsterdam, walking slowly along lots of people who were queuing to get into the then just opened Abercrombie & Fitch store, which was a big hit at the time. I only filmed the legs and mirrored the video both horizontally and vertically to create a kaleidoscopic view of the blue, black and grey jeans, the sneakers and the brown leather shoes in between which every now and then bright colors are popping up.

*) The One Minutes Collection consists of over 15,000 video works by artists from more than 120 countries and is preserved by The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. You can search the collection online.

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