Museo Offline: Four More Days

Yesterday I went to Friesland to see the summer exhibition Museo Offline in real life. All kinds of beautiful and affordable art works are to see in the exhibition space, made by the artists who are associated with Museo •

A few works of each artist are exhibited on the walls (including drawings by me, see images), on a pedestal or in the windowsill. Furthermore, many beautiful works in the chests of drawers in the corridor of this old school building where Birgit Speulman and Marcel Prins live, have their studio and host the gallery Kunstlokaal No. 8 (including Museo •).
Their beautiful house, nice garden and warm welcome are in themselves worth the trip to the North. This exhibition is there until Sunday August 15th. After that, the works can also be seen and purchased online. Or can be viewed live in the chests of drawers, see the Museo • website for all artists and their works and / or go and visit Kunstlokaal No. 8.

I bought a work from the drawer of Auk Russchen, from her series ‘Organic wonder’. You can see there’s one piece missing in the middle. That was where I found the one I bought (picture on the right). I will give it a fine spot, with a view, on one of my studio walls.

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