Keti Koti Project – first series, a group photo

Such a special afternoon! Almost everybody I portrayed for the first series (July 1st, 2020, Hoekenrodeplein) came to CBK Zuidoost this afternoon. I was able to ask them some questions about their thoughts and experiences of Keti Koti. Everyone received a beautiful color print from me, as a souvenir and as a thank you for the cooperation.
On the photo, standing, from left to right: Riquensha, Kyara, Gracia, Keanu, Tasharo, Dynevion, Glenda, Rowena. Lying down: myself, holding the portrait of Esmeralda., who was the only person who couldn’t attend. Behind us, on the wall, my portrait of Hillary and artworks by Delano Mc Andrew, David KC Moir, Tamar Rozenblat and Su Tomesen. Photo taken by Lucy Hooft.
Tomorrow is the finissage of the exhibition ‘Zomersalon Royaal’, from 14:00. At 15:00 the prize winners of this exhibition, the jury and the public award, will be announced.

The people and their portraits, group photo at CBK Zuidoost
Keti Koti Project – Ala Sma Tori: The first series.


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