New work for Pakje Kunst Amsterdam

The Pakje Kunst Amsterdam vending machine has been filled with new small art works (5,5×8,5cm) by different artists, as the exhibition about Fré Cohen at Museum Het Schip stays on until the end of October. During the first period of the exhibitions I made miniature portraits of Fré Cohen.

This time I chose to make something completely different: a series of collage in which I – as I very often like to do – combine, juxtapose and intertwine two images of totally different vintage books. This time I used images from a book about ‘wonders of the sea’ wit a book about cross stich embroidery for table cloths, napins and cushions. The series is called ‘A fish with the tea’. I made twenty miniature once for Pakje Kunst and twelve more for 10x10artist, which I will be showing here when the time is right.

When you plan to visit the beautiful Museum Het Schip in Amsterdam make sure you bring at least twoo pieces of two euro coins, for you can get a package with a unique, miniature piece of art for every time you put two of those coins into the refurbished old cigarette vending machine of Pakje Kunst Amsterdam. Good luck!

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