Weekend Of The Portrait 2022

My portrait ‘Wendel (aka Ingi)’ has been selected for the Weekend of the Portrait 2022, organized by The Dutch Portrait Prize. It is part of my series Keti Koti Portraits (see ketikotiproject.com) which is my interdisciplinary art project about what Keti Koti means to people now, how important is the memory of their ancestors, who often had to work as enslaved people on plantations.
The portrait of Wendel is special in the project, because he is of Indigenous – Surinamese descent, which can also be seen in how he dressed for July 1st, the day of Keti Koti. He is proud of his heritage. Indigenous people have also suffered enormously under Dutch colonial rule, and have been able to preserve their culture and their dignity.

Wendel (aka Ingi), Pen and watercolor on 42 x 29,7 cm paper

Time: Friday October 21 to Sunday October 23
Location: Loods 6 (‘bagagehal’), KNSM-laan 143 Amsterdam
Entrance: € 2,=


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