Suriname Kalender 2023

The Suriname Kalender (Calendar) 2023 is for sale! It is written in Dutch and has a beautiful story by Nellie Bakboord and I am honored that my portraits are included! At the month of June, the month of remembrance that precedes Keti Koti. In the year 2023, the project will be exhibited in Suriname, at Marcel Pinas’ Tembe Art Studio in Moengo . That will be during the month of August, so if you are in Suriname you can come and have a look there.

The Suriname Kalender is for sale at a cost of € 15.95 (excluding shipping costs). It contains beautiful photos and interesting background stories. Order the calendar at or go to one of the sales points in Suriname and the Netherlands (see the website).

Also with contributions by Renee Koldewijn, Bart Krieger, Maartje Punt, Joke van Vlijmen.


  1. Wat een bijzondere kalender. Wie weet heeft de boekwinkel in Ouderkerk, Sprey, wel interesse.


    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad


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