Brasa Mi Ori

Brasa Mi Ori
From the end of October (2019) until January 17th (2020) the Society of Arti et Amicitiae is all about visual art in relation to Suriname. The art collections of Arti members Carl Haarnack and Myra Winter show the richness and diversity of modern visual art by Surinamese artists and artists with a strong affinity with Suriname. Curator: Harald Schole, in collaboration with Myra Winter.

Rinaldo Klas on the porch of Nola *)

Last month, during my artist residency in Suriname, I made ‘Rinaldo Klas on the porch of Nola’ (pen and watercolor on 30x40cm watercolor paper). Rinaldo Klas and I presented a duo-show in Readytex Art Gallery. ‘Rinaldo Klas on the porch of Nola’ is now part of Myra Winter’s art collection and is on show at Brasa mi ori.

With art by: Carlos Blaaker, Diana Blok, Kenneth Beeker, Mireille Buldeo Rai, Isan Corinde, Frank Creton, Steven Dahlberg, Ken Doorson, Robbert Enfield, Kenneth Flijders, Anita Hartmann, Soeki Irodikromo, Sri Irodikromo, Maartje Jaquet, Remy Jungerman, Glenn Kallasingh, Rinaldo Klas, Renée Koldewijn, Hans Lie, Egbert Lieveld, Guillaume Lo- A- Njoe, Kurt Nahar, Marcel Pinas, Greg Plein, Ravi Rajcoomar, George Struikelblok, Jan Quintus Telting, Iléne Themen, Purcy Tjin, Rene Tosari, Wilgo Vijfhoven, Erwin de Vries, Leo Wong Loi Sing, Michael Wong Loi Sing, Sirano Zalman.

*) Nola Hatterman Art Academy

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