Watercolor portraits – SOLD

Enzio was part of the sketchbook drawings, made during my Artist Residency in Paramaribo (Suriname), 2019.
Caroline’s portrait has been published in Argus magazine last April as part of my series Op afstand (Remote), about COVID-19 in the city of Amsterdam. Caroline: “I am very honored to be part of a series of impressions or snapshots (can I call it that?) of this special period. Let’s hope we can look back at this time soon … “

Both Felix’ portrait ant the one of his grandson Kyani are soon to be published in Argus magazine as part of my new series ‘Mens en Dier (Man and Animal)’.

Would you like to obtain an original drawing / painting?
From archive (professional prints are possible too) or on commission?
For prices see: https://maartjejaquet.nl/price-list/
Contact me through mjaquet@xs4all.nl when you are interested.

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