Keti Koti Project: Major Exhibition

June 15th – 15 July 15th, 2022
First major overview exhibition of my art project on Keti Koti, which I started in 2020. I will be working as an artist in residence here to continue the project and at the same time make an installation / exhibition of all the work I have been doing for the last two years: portraits, interviews, video, textile, art, … Feel free to visit at all opening times. The official opening of the exhibition will be on June 25th.

“Jaquet was Artist in Residence in BIJLMAIR in 2017, where she laid the foundation for this exhibition. She worked two years on a long-term project with portraits drawn in pen and watercolors, but also photos, interviews and a large cotton canvas with people’s statements about Keti Koti.

Ala Sma Tori in the name of the project refers to stories (tori) of all kinds of (ala) people (sma). It provides a multifaceted, personal and diverse picture of the meaning of Keti Koti for people involved.”

Open: Wednesday – Saturday, 12:00 – !7:00
Official opening: June 24th, 16:00-!9:00
Finissage: Friday July 15th, 17:00 – 19:00
Entrance: free
Address: Open Space Heesterveld, Heesterveld 35a, 1102 SB Amsterdam

I will be present at all opening times, except for July 1st, when I will be at the Keti Koti Festival, commemoration and celebration in the Oosterpark, Amsterdam, to work on my project. On that day somebody els will be hosting the exhibition.

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